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OH MY—-Ancient Greek!—-MEDEA

I started a new course in my new term which introduces the history of western drama.Of course,I’m not able to intorduce it to you on this page(oh,of course).I just gonna crazy!!!

My course started from the cradle of western civilization–ancint Greek.What troubles me first is names and relationships  in the mythology of ancient greek,and I cannot “hate” Zeus any more!Why does he have so many sons and daughters?

okay,after my  complaint,start my topic(now?)

I’d like to introduce a character in the mythology of ancient greek and many plays–Medea.She is the woman I’m studying now.

If I describe her from the origin of her life,it must be very complicated because—-let me emphasize again—-Why does Zeus have so many children???!!!Well,just remember that Medea is a woman who is brave and enthusiastic about love.That is to say,love motivates her to creat and destroy.She fell in love with Jason who became her husband later ,killed her families and left her homeland for Jason.After a happy time,Jason betrayed Medea and planted to marry a princess,thus motivating Medea pretended cherishing the new couple but killed the princess and Medea’s own sons.She thought that it was the best way to make Jason feel depressed.Of course, she did and really destroyed Jason.At the last of this story,Medea went away with  corpses of her two sons.

It’s a classical tragedy in ancient greek,my thesis  focuses on Medea,and I will try to translate it to English.

so hard to keep it,SOS!!!




It’s a very old movie from Hitchcock.I am Hitchcock’s super fan,so I’m eager to introduce it to you.

The story was adapted from a true event,but it was more exciting in this film.

In fact,I hope you can see this film before read my post,because my post will tell you main plot> _ <

At the beginning of Rope,two young men–Brandon and Philip killed their friend  David who was talented and excellent with a rope and hided David in a big box.After that, they invited David’s parents and girlfriend to their place to join a party.The young men covered the big box with tablecloth and put foods on it.When guests came,they just didn’t notice that David had been killed and put into the box near them.During the party,another important person came.That was their  teacher.The teacher Rupert is quite a clever man and he felt something strange in this room.He pondered the whole party.Finally,he succeeded in finding the point. However,what struck him most was the reason why B and P killed D… …that is,from Brandon’s prospective,Brandon himself and Philip were superior while David was inferior,and only people who were superior had the right of living.What’s more,it was what Rupert had told them before that inspired Brandon to kill David.It was obvious that Brandon mistook Rupert’s idea.

I love this film for many reasons!!!

Actually,before this film,never have I seen a film that can catch my whole attention and makes me feel so nervous.We all know that Brandon and Philips are murderers.However when servant  closed to the box which hide David,I almost can’t breathe–I  hope that nobody finds the corpse .If you see this film,you will understand why we are all caught by director.That is a wonderful filming technique.When it comes to filming techniques,I have to admire director as much as I can.Most shots are taken from a stationary point.Plus,the whole story happened in one room.So when we see this film,we may feel that we are seeing a play which is on the stage. Besides,there are many long takes,so it will be very difficult to succeed at one time.what’s more,I can’t imagine that so many filming devices are gathered in such a small place.yes,Hitchcock made it.In addition,technique of using light is also wonderful,well,if you have seen this Rope,you know how light played an important role in this film.

What’s more,the spirit of Rope worth thinking.It’s about social classes,social psychology and many other things.As the saying goes,”There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes”.Perhaps everyone can learn different things from Rope. However,what we can’t ignore is that the film was made in 1948.Rope also reflects Fascism and condemns it.It’s obvious that Brandon never thought that what he had done was wrong.On the contrary,he thought it meaningful.That he invited his teacher Rupert to his party and wondered Rupert’s reaction did shock me.He was so cruel.

From my prospective,Brandon is tragic,and Philip and David are innocent.

Brandon is too crazy,but Philip just has no idea at all.Philip just do what he has been told,perhaps he even doesn’t know why he should do this.Philip is controlled,by Brandon or by blind worship.It reminds me of Fascism and the Second World War again.

This plot hasn’t been finished yet.Rope has a great influence on me and I will update my thought again and again.

P.S When we think of the plot,we may notice that B & P love each other.I searched in the Internet and discovered that the prototypes of B & P are gays.

I am so sorry that I haven’t come to word press for a long time.I’m so busy these days (I am just a freshman but have woo many courses!!!)and my computer broke down last week.It took me a long time to fix my computer.

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It’s so happy to start my blog on wordpress.

I’m a freshman major in literature on drama and films from China.Hence,my blog will post something about drama、film and of course my life.

I am not good at english,but I am trying my best to improve it and polish my articles.^ ^

I like writing、reading、laughing and eating.XXXXXD

my dream is to be admitted to New York University to learn more about drama and film!!!

well,I  haven’t decide a more specific area to study because I am just a freshman now!!! I will make a choice after this semester.My plays are all in chinese (because my teachers are all chinese!!!)I will try to write it in english in this new semester~

(I joined a student society which concentrates on studying the drama of Shakespeare~If you like him too,talk with me!!!)

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